The Rough Cut Farm Alpaca story

We never thought we would be alpaca owners. But in early 2013, we were approached by a friend of the family who had a herd of 19 that he needed to downsize. The original discussion was about adopting one that needed daily care and medication because our family had assured him that we were the right choice for making sure she got the care needed. But, after we met his alpacas the first time, we knew we needed to have our own herd.

During most of 2013, we worked on preparing our farm for the alpacas and in December, we brought home 10; 5 boys and 5 girls.

We have found the alpacas to be very easy to raise and maintain on a daily basis. Even our girl, Char, who needs daily care, is very gentle-natured and understanding of our poking and prodding. The daily routine consists of mucking their stalls, replenishing their hay and water and feeding them their grain (which is more of a treat). A few of the girls like baby carrots as a treat too!

Otherwise, monthly we give them vitamins, some preventative medications and trim their toenails. They are sheared once a year in the late Spring and their fiber is processed into the softest and warmest yarn you will ever feel!

They enjoy rolling in sand and basking in the sun (they need their Vitamin D too)! The young ones chase each other around a good part of the day and enjoy harassing the adults to try to get them to play too! But, mostly their day is spent eating hay and rummaging around the field.