Welcome to Rough Cut Farm

We never thought we would be alpaca owners. But in early 2013, we were approached by a friend of the family who had a herd of 19 that he needed to downsize. The original discussion was about adopting one that needed daily care and medication because our family had assured him that we were the right choice for making sure she got the care needed. But, after we met his alpacas the first time, we knew we needed to have our own herd.


What’s New with our Alpacas

The alpacas were sheared on May 22nd and we couldn't have asked for it to go any smoother. Many thanks to Malcolm Cooper (coopershearing.com) for helping us through our first sheering! The alpacas may think differently, but they all look awesome. We didn't think it was possible for them to get any cuter and they did! Now we just have to get the fiber processed so we can make some cool/warm stuff!

To top it off, the day ended with a beautiful rainbow over the alpaca barn!

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Alpaca Yarn Products

We will have a wide range of alpaca yarn products. Alpaca fiber is hypo-allergenic. That means that people with wool sensitivities can wear it. Alpaca is a hollow core fiber so it keeps you warmer than wool when you need to be warm, but breathes when you need to be cool.